Little Big


Time: January 01, 2020


Dear fans, We are sad to announce, that due to the pandemic situation it is not possible to organize Little Big concert. However, we are negotiating a new date with the band's management so that we can organize it as soon as possible. Tickets will be automatically transformed into a voucher, which you can use for any events organized by Ameba Production (Rock for People, Rock for People Concerts, Prague Summer Festival, Kefír, Nouvelle Prague).Thank you very much for your patience. We know that the current situation with its uncertainty and no possibility of planning is difficult for each of us. We look forward to seeing you under the stage once it is possible again!

Nothing is sacred to them, be it lyrics or musical genres. Little Big definitely can stir things up, making a perfect cocktail of absurdity, madness and pranks in the rhythm of techno, hip-hop, r'n'b, EDM and all sorts of samples.

It took only a few years for the club band, founded in 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to become a star, selling out halls. An important component of Little Big's success is the grotesque clips, directed by Little Big co-founder, Alina Pjazok. Just the single Skibidi on YouTube got incredible 350 million views.

Their current five-song EP Go, Bananas! released last fall confirms that they do not intend to ease on

doing bizarre things and mock Russian national stereotypes.

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