Bring Me The Horizon


Time: January 01, 2020


Dear fans, We are sad to announce, that due to the pandemic situation it is not possible to organize Bring Me The Horizon concert. However, we are negotiating a new date with the band's management so that we can organize it as soon as possible. Tickets will be automatically transformed into a voucher, which you can use for any events organized by Ameba Production (Rock for People, Rock for People Concerts, Prague Summer Festival, Kefír, Nouvelle Prague).Thank you very much for your patience. We know that the current situation with its uncertainty and no possibility of planning is difficult for each of us. We look forward to seeing you under the stage once it is possible again!


Rock bastards with a drive come from Sheffield, England. They got together in 2004 and are still on the rise, as shown by the Rock for People 2019. Aggressive melancholics not giving a damn about traditions. On their path, they oscillate between death/metal/melodic core to electro-metal, sometimes with elements of pop, heavy rock, punk, numetal and of course near the creeping emotion, greedily looking for death on the horizon. Through their work they are honestly working on the dismantling of the old, empty world, trying to hasten its end with sound surfaces, massive guitar walls that will smother you like a tsunami.

The contrast between the calmer and tense passages could be compared to a visit to the sauna hot - cold - hot - cold ... The lyrics are deep and the melodic singing refrains that these musicians can write easily make their way forward. Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish are the main composers. The sound is powerful and pompous, supported by keyboards and multiple guitars. After the band member changes in 2014, the keyboard player Jordan Fish was added to the band.

Bring Me the Horizon aka BMTH have already won their place in the sun and fame. With each new album, they evolve and constantly experiment.

This is also evident on this year's album Amo, which was received with enthusiasm by music critics and fans

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